Sunday, 30 October 2011

Cycle 1. Contestants!

Hello dears!

Well audtitions have closed and I am proud to announce this cycles contestants (in no particular order):

- DancelsMyLife44
- Glam.Diamond
- CandyLilyMay
- nadia478
- SweetMelody6362
- Yellowdolphin5
- HattyLOL
- LuvMeOrHateMe00
- chinadoll727
- MissDanka1975
- Twiilight.Freak
- Lai-nena-ne4e

- choogy2Kitty

Well done to those who made it through this round. If you did not apply in time for this cycle, please do keep checking the club and blog for the latest competitions and apply next cycle!

Sophie xx


  1. - my username is supposed to be nadia478 LOL :D and congratz everyone who got through to this round!♥♥