Ok, so this page was originally for SNTM feedback, however I decided to turn the main feedback points into tips for Stardoll Modelling. Sorry if some of the wording is confusing - I wrote it for the cycle 1 contestants and haven't got round to re wording it yet!

1. Use your own medoll!
= I always think that it is far better, particularly in modelling competitions to use your own medoll and style it apporpriately unless the task says otherwise. It shows a lot of skill being about to style your medoll for theme and so I really believe that you should always try to use your own.

2. Making outfits
= When doing complex poses it can be very hard to create a good outfit because of the background and doll layering. You can either use items or real clothing. I have been noticing that many are using background squares for outfits, ad while it ca be effectiving in some themes, I think it is important as you progress in the competition to start using items that create realistic outfits or use real clothing or a combo of the 2. One other thing is that when using items like flowers/pearls etc you need to be really careful how and where you place them and the sizes they are. I have found it is effective to vary the side of the items because it adds interest and seems to make it look more real. Also really try to create the shape of real clothing, otherwise the effect of the pose can be lost because the outfit lets it down.

3. Proportion - It is really important that when you are creating a pose you really think about the sizes you are using, and to make sure that one arm (for example) isn't bigger than the other. If you make sure you size all the dolls you use to the same size as the orginal you choose, that should help.

4. Shape - When you create angles or bends in the body it is really important that you shape each angle (eg elbow) correctly, so that it doesn't look to sharp or messy. Its amazing how much different it can make to the overall look just my spending it little time getting it right, so it is essential that you try to do that. A tip that I learnt was try to do the pose in a mirror so you can look at the angles and shapes and proportions to make sure the pose you have created is correct. You could also use photgraphs for inspiration, again so you can see how the shapes are formed etc.

5. Realism - Sometimes a pose can look unrealistic because a real body just wouldn't bend like that. Unless the theme requires something unrealistic, you should really try to ensure that the pose you create is realistic and maybe even try to do that yourself in the mirror just to see if a real human could! Its always such a shame when a really neat and complicted pose is created but it looks unrealistic so the whole look is spoiled.

6. Theme - Always make sure you read the full discription of the task and think about what it means and requires before you make your entry. Original takes on the entry are fine and show lots of creativity, but when a scenery doesn't match the theme or task its a shame because while the actually entry might be really good, you could loose a lot of marks if it doesn't fit the theme.

7. Story - I think it is really good if you think about the emotion, feeling, mood or story you want to show before you start on your entry. I find that if i know the feeling I want to create (and it relates to the theme or is the theme) the entry can look far more 'put together'. Sometimes entries can look confused or muddled which is oftern because the person isn't sure what they want to create before they start. If you think about it before you start, you are bound to have a better entry :)

Sophie xx

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