SNTM Cycle 3. Results


Wow, you girls sure made it very difficult to pick a winner. You stunned this round and I am so proud of both of you and what you have achieved. 

In some ways it to very sad that there can only be one winner, because it really is so close between you too, and you have both excelled in different areas.

Before I present the results I want to say thank you very much to Judith, who I think has been an excellant judge this cycle. You have made some insightful, helpful and wonderfully positive comments this cycle and it has been a pleasure to work with you.

So on to the final results!

Task 1: Movement

Ealain - overall you scored 18/20 for this task. Both myself and Judith gave you 9/10
MissFoxyRoxy913 - overall you scored 18.5/20 for this task. Judith gave you 9.5/10 here, while I gave you 9/10.

Task 2: Be yourself

Ealain - overall you scored 19/20 for this task. Judith gave you 9/10 while I gave you 10/10
MissFoxyRoxy913 - overall you scored 16/20 for this task. Both myself and Judith gave you 8/10.

After looking back over the whole cycle and taking these scores into consideration the winner of Sophie's Next top model Cycle 3 is....


Huge congratulations Steph - you have produced some outstanding work this cycle and are a well deserved winner!

Roxy - You have done so so well this cycle and both Judith and myself found this very hard to make a decision on. It was very close and I wish you every success with your modelling career and would love to see you back in the future!

Congratulations to both of you, you have made this an excellant cycle and I am so proud to have had you two competing!

Task 6. Semi-Finals

Here are the scores:

Ealain = 17/20
missjas222 = 11/20
MissFoxyRoxy913 = 16.5/20

So while it was encredibily close, the winner is Ealain! Well done.

Unfortunately someone has to leave us, and I am very sorry to say that it is missjas222. You have done so well coming so far, you should be so proud. Over this cycle you have really grown as a model and I think we shall be seeing a lot from you in the future. Just keep practising and you will get there :)


Task 5.

Here are the scores:

Ealain = 18/20
missjas222 = 12/20
MissFoxyRoxy913 = 15/20

As you can see the winner of this task is Ealain! Well done!!

Unfortunately EmiLu.Star has had to withdraw due to personal reasons, and so no one will be eliminated. Therefore you three are all through to the semi - finals!!

EDIT: Sorry it is the semi sinals not the finals - got a bit ahead of myself there! ____________________________________________________________

Task 4.

Here are the scores:

As you can see
missjas222 = 13/20
EmiLu.Star = 16/20
MissFoxyRoxy913 = 17/20
Ealain = 17/20
brightheart99 = 11/20

So as you can see we have joint winners this week! Congratulations to Ealain and MissFoxyRoxy913!

Unfortunately one person has to leave, and that person is brightheart99 who had the lowest score. I'm very sorry hun, you ahve done so well comming so far and please continue to work because you have great potential. Well done.

Just a quick reminder: Please let me know if you do need more time at least 2 days before the due date. That way I can let everyone know and there isn't too much hold up.


Task 3.

Here are the scores for those who completed:
Brightheart99 = 11/20
MissRoxyFoxy913 = 16/20
Emilu.Star = 13/20
Ealain = 18/20
missjas222 - 10/20

The following did not complete:

CandyLilyMay and Marin.. have unfortunately had to withdraw from the cycle, and I am very sad to see them leave. But I hope to see you back in the future!

Firstly a huge congratulations to Ealain again for winning this task. you are doing superbly.

Also thank you and well done to all those who did complete. I can see you all tried hard and I know this was a tough task.

While we have lots 2 girls because they had to withdraw, I have also decided to eliminate yoTOO and Lali-nena-nen4e because you have already had some missed task, and despite reminders sent and an short extension given, there were not entries. However I am very sorry to do this, I hate eliminating people, but I can't keep sending reminders, and you don't seem hugely committed to the cycle.

Well done to all of you who completed, you are all through to the next round!

Task 2.

Below are the girls who did complete and their scores:
MissFoxyRoxy913 = 13/20
Ealain = 19.5/20
EmiLu.Star = 12/20
Marinn.. = 8/20
missjas222 = 11/20

brightheart99 = 13/20

However I was very disappointed with the number of you who did not complete your entries, despite the fact that i contacted you all and you all said you would complete.

You all have one strike now. If you fail to complete again then you all be eliminated. Please remember that if you sign up to a cycle you are expected to keep checking the club, even if Stardoll don't send you notifications about topics. In previous cycles I have never had to send so many reminders, but that stops now. If you can't complete a task for the due date then contact me!

Anyway, the winner of this task is... Ealain! Well done - a superb job!

As to who to eliminate, well as 3 did not complete then there will be no one leaving this week, however that means 2 might leave next week!

Task 1.

Below are the girls who did complete the task and their scores:

missjas222 = 14/20

MissFoxyRoxy913 = 14/20
CandyLilyMay = 11/20
lali-nena-nen4e = 17/20
yoTOO = 13/20
brightheart99 = 14.20
Miss.Hello. = 9/20
Ealain = 19/20
Marinn.. = 12/20
EmiLu.Star = 14/20

LittlestarPosh did not complete and decided to withdraw from the competition.

The winner of this round is Ealain! Well done, fabulous work!

So littlestarPosh has withdrawn, so only one more person will be leaving. The person with the lowest score was Miss.Hello. so unfortunately I'm afraid you will be leaving us this round. Well done and don't give up!


  1. Wouw. I just found out that I won!
    Yay... Thanks :P


  2. Well, I do hope to pay more attention to what's required next time :)


  3. wow! thank you so much!