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Step 1.
Take a print screen of your finished scenery BEFORE saving it. This button basically takes a copy of what you can see on your computer screen.

The print screen button on my key board is along the top row of buttons above the home a delete buttons, although it might be different on yours.

Step 2.
Paste the print screened image into a Paint or Microsoft Publisher document, or somewhere else where you can crop the image.

Step 3.
Crop the image so you just have the main scenery image. Then save the image to your pictures.

Step 4.
Go to an image sharing site like Tiny(remove)Pic or imgur and upload the saved image.

Step 5.
Copy and Paste the link to the image on your scenery - you may need to add spaces or letters if you are using Tiny(remove)Pic beause stardoll adds *** to content it doesn't like, so make sure the whole link is visible.