Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Club Covergirl Task 2!


Right those still in the running are:

tess6262 (Thanks for contacting me)

Ok, so if your name is in Purple then you completed the task so well done :) 
If your name is in black then you did not complete the task and need to complete this one to continue in the competition.
If your name is in pink then there is confusion over your task - I can't find it but you said you completed it so please contact me! :)

So anyway, Task 3 is the following:

Because these tasks are all about becoming a covergirl, for this task i want you to use your medoll as a covergirl for a fashion magazine.

You don't need to include any text ie Magazine name, but you can add it after you have made the scenery in paint or something but NO COMIC BOOK TEXT on the scenery!

Here are some inspirational images:

 As you can see from these images, the model is the main focus of the cover, and all these just show the top half of the model - no legs, so please try to do the same in your entry.

I want you to show style and sophistication and glamour. Also remember that your outfit should be very stylish because it is going on a fashion magazine cover.

Also restyle your medoll accordingly - ie change hair/makeup etc.

> A POSE suitable for a FASHION MAGAZINE cover and only top half of the medoll (As shown in images)
> RESTYLE your OWN medoll accordingly and ONLY use your own medoll
> NO Comic Book text - but you can add a description in the comments :)

Due date =  Tuesday 6th of December 

If you have troubles with the deadline you MUST contact me AT LEAST a few days before the due date so i can give extesions. Any problems or questions feel free to contact me :) 


Sophie xxx 

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Name for the Modelling Cycle!!

Ok, I have a name for the Modelling competition Cycle 1!

From now on it will be called

SNTM (= Sophie's Next Top Medoll)

I know this sort of thing has been used lots before but I thought the competition needed a proper name so its not confused with any of the other competitions.

So, when I refer to the competition as SNTM I mean the club modelling cycle which is currently on its 3rd task :)

Let me know if you have any questions, and do comment telling me what you think :)

Thanks, Sophie xx

Club Covergirl Task 1 Results.

Well, only 10 people completed the task. 8 people didn't which is very disapointing really.

On the task post I have highlighted who completed it, and who didn't.

However, out of those entries completed there was some amazing work! Everyone tried so hard and it could be seen clearly in all entries. I saw a lot of improvment and several new people entered as well which was excellent!

The top 3 for this task are (in no order):

> MissDanka1975

Congratulations girls :)

Now there isn't an elimionation this first round because so many failed to complete there entries, but you will only get one chance so make sure you complete the next task or contact me if you can't.

The next task will be posted very soon, so keep active! :)

Sophie xx

Friday, 18 November 2011

Club Covergirl Task 1

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first task :)
First here is a list of everyone participating, if you are not on the list then i'm afraid you did not apply in time, but don't worry because there are lots of other competitions to get involved it!

MissDanka1975 = completed
Tee-Bear = completed
CandyLilyMay = completed
nadia478 = completed
eryn4evz = completed
Twiilight.Freak = completed
littlestarPosh = completed
bracken1234 = completed
lai-nena-nen4e = completed
LuvMeOrHateMe00 = completed

So, on to TASK 1.

You need to create a SCENERY in the CLUB that could go on the front page.
It should ADVERTISE and WELCOME people to the club through a POSE.
Speech bubbles, thought bubbles or any text on the scenery are NOT allowed, however you should write a short description in the comments.
I want to see an interesting pose with a well thought out message behind it.

If you take a look at the club scenery below thatb I created that should give you a better idea. There is no text and there is a pose that kind of looks like it is inviting people into the club. This is only inspiration - you need to think of your own ideas! :)

So, to sum up:
> Theme = Advertising/welcoming people to the club
> MUST have a pose
>NO text on the scenery
> Include a description in the comments

Due by:  Friday 25th Novemeber

If you have any problems please contact me ASAP :)


Sophie xx

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Miss November Task

Ok, so this task as I said before is all about November weather. Obviously we might all have different weather where we are but I thought I would post more info and some inspirational pictures just in case you were unsure what to do...

Now, you don't have to use these images or the pose, in fact I would rather that you thought of your own pose, these are just to point you in the right direction.

Remember it is Medoll of the Month so your scenery must relate to the month and you must use your own medoll. You must also include a pose, and if you have already entered competitions in the club, please think about the feedback I have given.

Hope its all clear, but obviously if there are any questions please ask :)

Due Date = 8th November

Sophie xx

EDIT: Can you also add a short description explaining why you chose that weather and pose etc.