Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Club Covergirl Final Task!

Just to remind you, the final three are:

The task will come in two parts:

Part 1.
>Create a Scenery in the Club
>As club covergirl you need to be a ble to represent the club. So I want you to make a scenery showing the club with your medoll as its CG.
>It needs a complex pose and interesting background
>A description and link are also needed.

Make it really creative and clever. Do something you have never done before and think about what the club is, what it is about and how to represent that. You can use my doll as well as yours if you want to.

Part 2.
>Be Creative!
>Make a Scenery in the Club
>The theme is to be creative, so make a scenery with you as the club CG with a complex pose and interesting background but with a really cool and creative idea. Its up to you what you do!
>A description and link are needed.

Remember this is the finals so try your best and make sure all the posing basics are right. Also remember this is the Club Covergirl competition so relate your tasks to that.

Feel free to contact me if you need to.

Due date  =  Friday 2nd March

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Club Covergirl Round 6 Results!

So the semi-finals are over and the finalists have been decided on.

The first girl safe and going through to the finals is....

Twiilight.Freak! Well done dear, you scored a perfect 10/10 for your task, making you the task winner and securing your place in the finals. Well done!

The second girl through to the finals is....

tess6262! I was so impressed by your task. I loved the simplicity and the jazzy feel. You scored 9/10 making your second and through to the finals! Well done!

That means that littlestarPosh and Lali-nena-nen4e are both in danger of leaving the competition.

littlestarPosh: You always have very creative ideas and put a lot of effort into your entries, however you ideas don't always show in your entries and a few key posing techniques let you down.

Lali-nena-nen4:You have good ideas for your poses but sometimes the finishing of them lets you down. I would like to see a little more description so I understand your ideas, and for your to polish your work more. But you have good skills.

One of you will be leaving.

Lali-nena-nen4e you scored 8.5/10 for this task.

littlestarPosh you scored 6.5/10 for this task.

I am so sorry but littlestarPosh is the girl leaving the competition. I would like you say you have been a fantastic participant in this competition and you should be so proud so have reached this stage - the semi-finals - in the cycle. Congratulation dear, you have donr brilliently and I can't wait to see your work again!

So Twiilight.Freak,tess6262 and Lali-nena-ne4e you are the finalists for this Club Covergirl competition! Congratulations!!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Christmas Special Final Task!!

Ok, wow can you believe we have reached this stage! 2 months after christmas but hey, better late than never! You girls have done so well to get to this stage, you should be so proud!

Just to remind you the final three are:


So this last round will come in three parts:

Task 1:

>Create a Scenery in the Club
>Its needs to include the final three participants, all with poses. (You may all need to leave then rejoin so you can be seen on the doll list in sceneries.) 
>The poses/group pose (whatever you decide to do) needs to be complex, original and interesting. Don't throw it all away now!
>Please provide a link and description.
>Theme =  Christmas themed but make it different from all the others. It doesn't need to be obviously christmasy but it needs to have some link, after all you are competing for the Miss Christmas title!

Task 2:

>This is a DRESS-UP task.
>Create an outfit for yourself showing what you would wear if you were to be crowned Miss Christmas. 
>Use creativity - you could use items for example. Whatever you choose to do make it original, a little christmasy, a bit glam and suitable for you! 
>Make up and hair are included (and nails if you wanted to)
>Create the outfit wherever you choose then post it in the task topic in link form.
>Please add a description in the topic and your user name on the linked image 

Task 3:

>In a Scenery in the Club design the place/room that you would want to be crowned Miss Christmas in.
>the design, layout, theme, background, place, environment etc is all up to you. Be creative and original and make it a bit personal. Will there be a stage? Will many people be there? What would the dress code be? (it all might effect what it looks like)
>Make sure you do a link and description.
I know this task isn't exactly 'modelling' but thats not what this is all about. I want to see your ideas and thoughts with creative and original ideas :)

Good luck girls! I really can't wait to see what you do.

Because there is so much to do you will have more than 1 week to do this.

Due date =  Friday 24th February

Please contact me if you have questions or if tehre are any problems xx 

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Christmas Special R5 Results/Final 3!

Ok, so first here are the girls who did not complete this round. You probably all know that MissDanka1975 withdrew from competitions and therefore did not complete this task. Also HattyLOL withdrew from the competitions too, due to real life committments. Thank you both for contacting me.

freshhannah143 was the only girl not to complete an entry or contact me. Unfortunately this means you will not be going through to the final three. I am very sorry that you didn't complete it because your work was really progressing and had great flair. I do hope you will continue to be involved in the club.

Now, on to the entry results. I have posted feedback on all so please do read that.

Anyway as you know only three girls can go through to the final, meaning out of those left three girls have to leave.

The first two girls leaving are....

..... and CandyLilyMay. Below are your scores for your entries this round:

~ = 6.5/10

~ CandyLilyMay = 7/10

While you girls have both showed great improvment and progression, I'm afraid your entries were in the bottom two.  You have both shown talent and an ability to pose, I think what you girls both need to work on is the impact your sceneries have and shaping detail. But you should be very proud to have come so far and I can't wait to see your future entries for other competitions! Great work girls, well done x

Now, the results were all very close.

 The first girl through to the final three is:


Twiilight.Freak! You scored an impressive 9/10 on your entry. You also have always consistenly scored very high marks from the begining and have a well deserved place in the finals. Congratualations!!

The last girl who did not make it to the final three is:


littlestarPosh. You scored 7.5/10 for your entry.

I really liked your entry. It was so original and there were fab aspects to it. But unfortunately you didn't quite make it. Your posing is good, but sometimes they can look very stiff and could have added elements to make them more detailed. But you have progressed so much and your creaivity is always prominant. Well done, and I look forward to seeing your future sceneries!

So, that means the last two girls through to the final three are:

tess6262 and lali-nena-nen4e. Well done girls! Here are your results from this task:

tess6262 = 9.5/10

lali-nena-nen4e = 8/10

So yes, tess6262 you were this tasks winner! Congratulations! I really loved your entry, it was so well thoughtout and even though it was so close, I thought your improvment shown really deserved the score.

lali-nena-nen4e you did well this round. I thought your psoe was very well structured, although I have a few queries about it that I have raised in the feedback. But it was still a strong entry despite that so congratations.

So the final three are:

Congratulations! The next task will be posted soon.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Club Covergirl Round 6 Task

Wow, we are down to the final four now! How amazing and scary is that! Because three left the competition last round you might be pleased to hear that only one will be eliminated this round, then it will be down to the final three and the last task!

Here are the final 4:
~ tess6262
~ Twiilight.Freak
~ littlestarPosh
~ lali-nena-nen4e

So, for this round I want to see your best work yet, which is why i have decided to give you girls more than a week to complete this. So don't rush into it, task your time, think everything through carefully and remember how far you have come and how close you are to the final.

Semi-final Task:

Right, this is going to be the last skills task. I want you to create a complex and original pose showing your medoll lying down. But remember, this is a covergirl competition, so the pose but be suitable to have on a magazine cover, therefore make sure her face can be seen and that she is well styled.

Here is some inspiration:
But no copying, and I would like to see a more complex pose, maybe with the models full body ie legs, showing too.

So, just one task to get you to the finals, so make it count. Remember every detail needs to be right, if you start the scenery and realise something is wrong, it might be far better to start again!

Good luck girls, I can't wait to see your entries!

Due Date = Monday 13th of February

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Covergirl Round 5 Results!

MissDanka1975 = 7/10
tess6262 = 8/10
CandyLilyMay = 6/10
Twiilight.Freak = 8.5/10
littlestarPosh = 6.5/10
lali-nena-nen4e = 7/10

HattyLOL = You did not complete your task. I realise you have been busy because you contacted me about other entries, but I don't think I have been contacted about this task. However, you had been very consistant so far in the competition.

Task winner = Twiilight.Freak! Yet again a fab entry. You really are so talented!

Now, onto the elimination. As I said in the task post, this is going to be a double elimination. I have reviewed all your entries, from this task and previous tasks.

The first girl leaving us is.... CandyLilyMay. You have been an excellant participant - very consistant and hard working. However recently you haven't been making the progress that other have, and don't seem to be taking all my feedback on board. However you are still very talented and have done so well to come this far. You were in the quarter finals, so congratulations, thats a superb achievement and I look forward to seeing your work in future competitions!

The second girl leaving us is... HattyLOL. I'm very sorry to see you go, you have made excellent progress and always have fab ideas. Last round you came in the top 3 and I was really excited to see your entry this round, after your progress last round. Unfortunately you didn't complete this task. I do understand how busy life can get though and really hope you continue to participate in the club and upcomming contests because you have shown great potential and growth, so well done!

Well done to both girls, you have both been amazing and I'm actually very sad to see you both go. But as i have said I can't wait to see your work in the future!

EDIT: MissDanka1975 has had to withdraw from all competitions in the club as mentioned in a previous post due to committments in real life and so will not be participating further in the competition. As said before, I am so sad to see you go and you have done brilliently, well done!