Saturday, 28 January 2012

Christmas Special Task 5.

Ok, so this is the last task before the final three are announced and they complete a final task for the winner, so try your best because you have all worked so hard to get to this point.

For this task i want you to look back on what you have learnt over this competition. Its just one task which is to create a Christmas scenery. You need to make it festive and create a complex pose suitable for the theme and fit in with your background. You need to style your doll properly and give a good description. I know this is quite similar to previous tasks, but I want to see if you have listened to the feedback and learnt from it.

It can be any Christmas scene, so try to make it different. The background and medoll must be in harmony with each other - don't do a complex background and no pose for example.

Good luck!

Due date  = Saturday 4th February.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Christmas Special R4 Results!

Ok, so here are the results, I'm so sorry about the delay:

Twiilight.Freak = Part 1: 10/10 Part 2: 9/10 Total: 19/20!
CandyLilyMay = Part:1 5/10 Part 2: 6.5/10 Total: 11.5/20
MissDanka1975 = Part1: 7/10 Part 2: 8/10 Total: 15/20
tess6262 Part 1:  9.5/10 Part 2: 9/10 Total: 18.5/20! = Part1: 7/10 Part 2: 6/10 Total: 13/20
lali-nena-nen4e = Part 1: 9/10 Part 2: 8/10 Total: 17/20
littlestarPosh = Part1: 7/10 Part 2: 5/10 Total: 12/20

HattyLOL Part 1: 7/10 Part 2: did not complete
freshhannah143 = Part 1: 8/10 Part 2: did not complete

The winner is Twiilight.Freak! Congrats dear, you are outstanding!
The top three are highlighted and I think you should all be proud, I am amazed at some of the entries this week, many of you have really taken such a step up!! :D

For those who did not complete both parts you will be pleased to hear that the next task will only include one part, but you need to raise your game to keep up with the others now you have had this set back. However I do understand HattyLOL that you were very busy this week, so thank you for contacting me about it.

The following participants did not complete either entries and have not contacted me. Therefore you are both eliminated. I am very sorry to see you both go and please do get involved in future competitions!
> tinkerbell_279 
> MeDollie

I am also really sad and sorry to announce that the following girls have withdrawn from this competitions due to other commitments:
You were both great participants and I do hope you will get involved in the future when you both have more time. Thank you for participating!

The next task will be posted soon, and get ready to impress because it will be the final task before the top three are announced and they go through to the final!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Club Covergirl Round 5

Ok, first I am very sorry to announce that nadia478 has left this competition. She contacted me a few days ago because her real life has got very busy and she can no longer spend the time she would like to on her entries. I just want to say that you were an excellant participant and will definately be missed.

So the girls still in the competition are:


Now, we are almost at the end of this competition. This will be the second to last round before the top three are announced who will go through to the final. This means that two girls will be leaving this round, and two girls the following round. Therefore you all need make sure your standard is very very high to avoid the double eliminations. However I will also be reviewing all of your previous entries and taking those into consideration. I will be looking for more improvment and consistacy in high standards. 

Anyway, on to the task!

Motion. Defined as the action or process of moving or of changing place or position. I want you to show your medoll model in motion.  That could be falling, jumping, running, tripping, anything that invloves moving BUT:
>It must be creative
>It must be complex
>It must be dramatic and
>It must be part of a high fashion photoshoot.   

Remember this is an action shot. Your medoll is moving, so you must show that movement. Hairstyle is important, if it looks stationary then it will ruin the shoot. Horse hair might good, but it has to look professional!

You need to challenge yourself and create something inspiring and original. You must use skills you have learnt through this process and of course style your medoll in a very editorial fashion - make your medoll, model worthy!  

There is just one task this week so make it count. Don't rush, take your time and consider everything carefully.

Good luck!

Due Date  = Saturday 21st January

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Club Covergirl R4 results!

Hello girls,

Well below are your marks out of 10 for each part. I have given detailed feedback on your sceneries so make sure you check them.

MissDanka1975 = Part 1: 8/10 Part 2: Rock and Roll 8/10 Total = 16/20
tess6262 = Part 1: 6/10 Part 2: Space 8.5/10 Total = 14.5/20
CandyLilyMay = Part 1: 5/10 Part 2: Dance 6/10 Total = 11/20
nadia478 = Part 1: 7/10 Part 2: Fairy tales 5/10 Total = 12/20
Twiilight.Freak = Part 1: 9.5/10 Part 2: Sports/Athletics/Olympics 10/10 Total=19.5/20
littlestarPosh = Part 1: 6.5/10 Part 2: Devils and Angles 4.5/10 Total= 11/20
lali-nena-nen4e = Part 1: 7/10 Part 2: Jungle 5/10 Total = 12/20
HattyLOL = Part 1: 8.5/10 Part 2: Regency 7/10 Total = 15.5/20

As you can see Twiilight.Freak is this rounnds winner and MissDanka1975 and HattyLOL are the runners up! Congratulations!!

Now, one girl did not complete the task this week and that was bracken1234. This isn't the first task you have completed, and I am afraid you are eliminated. I am very sorry to see you go, and I hope you will join in in other competitions.

So thats the results! Keep a look out for the next task!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Christmas Special Task 4!

Ok, so I was browsing christmas adverts, looking for task inspiration when I found these: