Saturday, 26 November 2011

Club Covergirl Task 1 Results.

Well, only 10 people completed the task. 8 people didn't which is very disapointing really.

On the task post I have highlighted who completed it, and who didn't.

However, out of those entries completed there was some amazing work! Everyone tried so hard and it could be seen clearly in all entries. I saw a lot of improvment and several new people entered as well which was excellent!

The top 3 for this task are (in no order):

> MissDanka1975

Congratulations girls :)

Now there isn't an elimionation this first round because so many failed to complete there entries, but you will only get one chance so make sure you complete the next task or contact me if you can't.

The next task will be posted very soon, so keep active! :)

Sophie xx

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