Monday, 5 March 2012

Club Covergirl announced!

So the Finals for the Club Covergirl competition are over. Its been several months, and some excellent talent has been involved. But now it comes down to three girls.

In third place is tess6262. Unfortunately you didn't complete any finals entries which was such a shame as you had come so far, but well done for reaching the finals, you did a great job.

So now it is between Lali-nena-nen4e and Twiilight.Freak. I have to say it was very close but in the end one girl really shined all the way through this competition.

Lali-nena-nen4e I really liked your part two entry, it was so well done, but unfortunately your part one entry let you down. But congratualtions for comming second! Its an amzing achievement and you should be so proud!

So, huge congratulations to Twiilight.Freak, the winner of the first Club Covergirl cycle in Perfect.Models!
For me your final entries were perfect. You scored 10/10 on both - they were Perfect! I have to say you have been excellent, you have huge talent.

I would ask all members to vote 5/5 for Twiilight.Freak, as part of her prize for winning, she deserves it!

Congratulations to the final three, you have all done brilliently and it was very close!

Sophie xx

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