Sunday, 4 March 2012

Miss Christmas winner annouced!

Right, well after several months we have finally come to the end of the Christmas Special 2011 (I know its finished in 2012 but its for 2011!). It has been a long process and many great medolls have been invloved all of whom have tried very hard and shown great talents. 

The final three were outstanding, but only one can be crowned.

In third place is... tess6262. Congratulations! You have done really well throughout this competition, and in particular the last few rounds. However your final task let you down because you didn't complete all of it, which was such shame esspecially as I reall liked your other two parts. Here are your scores for the final task:

P1 = not complete
P2 = 8/10
P3 = 9/10

In second place is.... Lali-nena-nen4e. Congratualtions! Your final task was to a good standard, and I have really enjoyed seeing your entries over the competition. You have had some brillient ideas and have clearly got good skill, well done! Here are your scores for the final task:
P1 = 8/10
P2 = 9/10
P3 = 8/10

So, it is with great pleasure that I announce the winner of the Miss Christmas 2011 title is....


Congratulations dear! Your entries right from the begining have been truly amazing - your skill level is outstanding and your originality makes your entries one of a kind, and completely brillient. Here are your scores for the final task:

P1 = 9.5/10
P2 = 10/10
P3 = 10/10

You have been consistant all the way through, and are a completely deserving winner, well done!

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