Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Club Covergirl Final Task!

Just to remind you, the final three are:

The task will come in two parts:

Part 1.
>Create a Scenery in the Club
>As club covergirl you need to be a ble to represent the club. So I want you to make a scenery showing the club with your medoll as its CG.
>It needs a complex pose and interesting background
>A description and link are also needed.

Make it really creative and clever. Do something you have never done before and think about what the club is, what it is about and how to represent that. You can use my doll as well as yours if you want to.

Part 2.
>Be Creative!
>Make a Scenery in the Club
>The theme is to be creative, so make a scenery with you as the club CG with a complex pose and interesting background but with a really cool and creative idea. Its up to you what you do!
>A description and link are needed.

Remember this is the finals so try your best and make sure all the posing basics are right. Also remember this is the Club Covergirl competition so relate your tasks to that.

Feel free to contact me if you need to.

Due date  =  Friday 2nd March

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