Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Club Covergirl Round 6 Results!

So the semi-finals are over and the finalists have been decided on.

The first girl safe and going through to the finals is....

Twiilight.Freak! Well done dear, you scored a perfect 10/10 for your task, making you the task winner and securing your place in the finals. Well done!

The second girl through to the finals is....

tess6262! I was so impressed by your task. I loved the simplicity and the jazzy feel. You scored 9/10 making your second and through to the finals! Well done!

That means that littlestarPosh and Lali-nena-nen4e are both in danger of leaving the competition.

littlestarPosh: You always have very creative ideas and put a lot of effort into your entries, however you ideas don't always show in your entries and a few key posing techniques let you down.

Lali-nena-nen4:You have good ideas for your poses but sometimes the finishing of them lets you down. I would like to see a little more description so I understand your ideas, and for your to polish your work more. But you have good skills.

One of you will be leaving.

Lali-nena-nen4e you scored 8.5/10 for this task.

littlestarPosh you scored 6.5/10 for this task.

I am so sorry but littlestarPosh is the girl leaving the competition. I would like you say you have been a fantastic participant in this competition and you should be so proud so have reached this stage - the semi-finals - in the cycle. Congratulation dear, you have donr brilliently and I can't wait to see your work again!

So Twiilight.Freak,tess6262 and Lali-nena-ne4e you are the finalists for this Club Covergirl competition! Congratulations!!

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