Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Covergirl Round 5 Results!

MissDanka1975 = 7/10
tess6262 = 8/10
CandyLilyMay = 6/10
Twiilight.Freak = 8.5/10
littlestarPosh = 6.5/10
lali-nena-nen4e = 7/10

HattyLOL = You did not complete your task. I realise you have been busy because you contacted me about other entries, but I don't think I have been contacted about this task. However, you had been very consistant so far in the competition.

Task winner = Twiilight.Freak! Yet again a fab entry. You really are so talented!

Now, onto the elimination. As I said in the task post, this is going to be a double elimination. I have reviewed all your entries, from this task and previous tasks.

The first girl leaving us is.... CandyLilyMay. You have been an excellant participant - very consistant and hard working. However recently you haven't been making the progress that other have, and don't seem to be taking all my feedback on board. However you are still very talented and have done so well to come this far. You were in the quarter finals, so congratulations, thats a superb achievement and I look forward to seeing your work in future competitions!

The second girl leaving us is... HattyLOL. I'm very sorry to see you go, you have made excellent progress and always have fab ideas. Last round you came in the top 3 and I was really excited to see your entry this round, after your progress last round. Unfortunately you didn't complete this task. I do understand how busy life can get though and really hope you continue to participate in the club and upcomming contests because you have shown great potential and growth, so well done!

Well done to both girls, you have both been amazing and I'm actually very sad to see you both go. But as i have said I can't wait to see your work in the future!

EDIT: MissDanka1975 has had to withdraw from all competitions in the club as mentioned in a previous post due to committments in real life and so will not be participating further in the competition. As said before, I am so sad to see you go and you have done brilliently, well done!

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