Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Christmas Special R5 Results/Final 3!

Ok, so first here are the girls who did not complete this round. You probably all know that MissDanka1975 withdrew from competitions and therefore did not complete this task. Also HattyLOL withdrew from the competitions too, due to real life committments. Thank you both for contacting me.

freshhannah143 was the only girl not to complete an entry or contact me. Unfortunately this means you will not be going through to the final three. I am very sorry that you didn't complete it because your work was really progressing and had great flair. I do hope you will continue to be involved in the club.

Now, on to the entry results. I have posted feedback on all so please do read that.

Anyway as you know only three girls can go through to the final, meaning out of those left three girls have to leave.

The first two girls leaving are....


lisage.ie and CandyLilyMay. Below are your scores for your entries this round:

~ lisage.ie = 6.5/10

~ CandyLilyMay = 7/10

While you girls have both showed great improvment and progression, I'm afraid your entries were in the bottom two.  You have both shown talent and an ability to pose, I think what you girls both need to work on is the impact your sceneries have and shaping detail. But you should be very proud to have come so far and I can't wait to see your future entries for other competitions! Great work girls, well done x

Now, the results were all very close.

 The first girl through to the final three is:


Twiilight.Freak! You scored an impressive 9/10 on your entry. You also have always consistenly scored very high marks from the begining and have a well deserved place in the finals. Congratualations!!

The last girl who did not make it to the final three is:


littlestarPosh. You scored 7.5/10 for your entry.

I really liked your entry. It was so original and there were fab aspects to it. But unfortunately you didn't quite make it. Your posing is good, but sometimes they can look very stiff and could have added elements to make them more detailed. But you have progressed so much and your creaivity is always prominant. Well done, and I look forward to seeing your future sceneries!

So, that means the last two girls through to the final three are:

tess6262 and lali-nena-nen4e. Well done girls! Here are your results from this task:

tess6262 = 9.5/10

lali-nena-nen4e = 8/10

So yes, tess6262 you were this tasks winner! Congratulations! I really loved your entry, it was so well thoughtout and even though it was so close, I thought your improvment shown really deserved the score.

lali-nena-nen4e you did well this round. I thought your psoe was very well structured, although I have a few queries about it that I have raised in the feedback. But it was still a strong entry despite that so congratations.

So the final three are:

Congratulations! The next task will be posted soon.

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