Sunday, 12 February 2012

Christmas Special Final Task!!

Ok, wow can you believe we have reached this stage! 2 months after christmas but hey, better late than never! You girls have done so well to get to this stage, you should be so proud!

Just to remind you the final three are:


So this last round will come in three parts:

Task 1:

>Create a Scenery in the Club
>Its needs to include the final three participants, all with poses. (You may all need to leave then rejoin so you can be seen on the doll list in sceneries.) 
>The poses/group pose (whatever you decide to do) needs to be complex, original and interesting. Don't throw it all away now!
>Please provide a link and description.
>Theme =  Christmas themed but make it different from all the others. It doesn't need to be obviously christmasy but it needs to have some link, after all you are competing for the Miss Christmas title!

Task 2:

>This is a DRESS-UP task.
>Create an outfit for yourself showing what you would wear if you were to be crowned Miss Christmas. 
>Use creativity - you could use items for example. Whatever you choose to do make it original, a little christmasy, a bit glam and suitable for you! 
>Make up and hair are included (and nails if you wanted to)
>Create the outfit wherever you choose then post it in the task topic in link form.
>Please add a description in the topic and your user name on the linked image 

Task 3:

>In a Scenery in the Club design the place/room that you would want to be crowned Miss Christmas in.
>the design, layout, theme, background, place, environment etc is all up to you. Be creative and original and make it a bit personal. Will there be a stage? Will many people be there? What would the dress code be? (it all might effect what it looks like)
>Make sure you do a link and description.
I know this task isn't exactly 'modelling' but thats not what this is all about. I want to see your ideas and thoughts with creative and original ideas :)

Good luck girls! I really can't wait to see what you do.

Because there is so much to do you will have more than 1 week to do this.

Due date =  Friday 24th February

Please contact me if you have questions or if tehre are any problems xx 

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