Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas Special Competition R1

Ok, so this competition is all about finding a Miss Christmas! Cheesy name I know, but I want to find the medoll model who encapsulates the christmas spirit and has a range of skills to do that with. Its not just about making sceneries. The competition will have 5 rounds, and after each round there will be an elimination. Tasks will range from sceneries, to outfit design and also involve some writing tasks.

To make it in this competition you need to be dedicated. If you miss a round you could very easily be eliminated, although of you contact me in plently of time allowences will be made. You also need to show that you understand the concept of this competition, and that you are versitle and full of the joys of christmas. Again, that may sound very cheesy, but hey, you signed up for it! :)

I think you will all find it a lot of fun though, and remember its the taking part that counts!

So without further waffling, here is your first task:

It starts of fairly easy, your task is to create a scenery showing the Christmas Spirit. This means create a scenery which is all about the joys of christmas, not just the material gain (ie presents) although of course that is great, but about how it can bring people together and create lots of happiness and joy.

Of course a complex pose is essential, remember this is about the modelling as well! I don't want to just see one arm, I want you all to push yourself and create an original and suitable pose with many elements to it.

>Create a SCENERY in the CLUB
>Theme = Christmas spirit (ie what you love about this celebration, but not just the presents!)
>Complex pose is ESSENTIAL!
>Lable your scenery "Christmas Special R1"
>Write a short description in the comments explaining about your scenery
>No commic book text (speech bubbles etc) in the scenery - the pose and background should be enough :)

This task is due by Thursday 15th Decemeber.

Everyone should complete this task. If you know you won't be able to or will need more time you must contact me at least 2 days before the due date so i can give everyone an extension :)

Just in case your not sure, here is the lift of participants:
3.freshhannah143 = Completed!
8.cookie_babe_10 = Completed!
9.biancadiva123 = Completed!
10.LuvMeOrhateMe00 = Completed!
15.bracken1234 = Completed!
16.CandyLilyMay = Completed!
17.ilovemesabrina = Completed!
19.CharmVanillagal = Completed!
20.littlestarPosh = Completed!
22.tess6262 = Completed!
24.MissDanka1975 = Completed!
25.Ragazza_Style aka MeDollie
26.Twiilight.Freak = Completed!
(27.kireinanina) = unfortunately had to withdraw
29. HattyLOL = Completed!


  1. - cool, this sounds pretty easy :)

  2. Ok :3 Nice task (: I'll try to do my best ^^

    - Alice // MeDollie, :3