Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Club Covergirl R3 feedback

Right, so as all the entries came in many different forms I decided to present and mark them all here. So here are all the entries that I have recieved and a score out of 10 and feedback. Scroll down to find your entry! This is not the results topic though, this will come soon.

MissDanka1975 = 9/10
I really like this outfit. It is clear that you read the task description properly and really thought about your entry. This outfit is casual and relaxed whilist still looking smart and proffesional. I love the fresh colours used and the very modern and stylish feel they create. I think you have created a very strong entry here, so excellent work!
tess6262 = 6.5/10
 This entry has both strong points and slightly weaker points to it. I like the dress you have chosen, its definately stylish however on its own like that I think it looks too smart/formal for an everyday outfit, even for a model! If you had paired it with a relaxed jacket I think that would have balenced it out. The makeup is good, just the right amount, but I feel overall the outfit needs something else to balence it out and bring it together. However it is still good work and definately in the right direction so well done.
CandyLilyMay = 6/10
 Right, I think there are both strengths and weaknesses here. I like that you have gone completely neautral in makeup, thats great and completely to the theme. The hair style is pretty, but maybe a bit too styled, but I like it. I think the dress is a good choice, however I think it needed to be styled with very different accessories. Personally I think a jacket, waist belt and larger everyday bag would have been better for this theme. Overall, while the dress is nice, the whole outfit just doesn't have the impact which it needed. But I think you did understand the theme because you haven't gone overboard, and have embraced natural beauty so well done!

nadia478 = 9/10
 This is a great entry. I can definately see the theme here, the colours make the outfit very relaxed but the actual items look stylish and the shoes are a perfet choice. The belt is a great addition and the hair stylish is a really good choice because its casual but still looks stylish. If I had one critisim it would be the black nail varnish because I think the colour is too dark for this outfit, however its minor. Overall a really great entry, well done!

Twiilight.Freak = 10/10
This is gorgeous! You have got the task exactly. Its casual and relaxed but bang on trend and carefully accessorised for maximum effect. The colours are just right and the makeup is well balenced and applied. Overall i think this a actually a perfect entry, it was exactly what I was thinking of when I wrote it to be honest! Well done!

littlestarPosh = 5/10
Ok, I think there was a little confusion over the task here. While its great that you practised your posing, that was not what this task required. This task was all about styling, and while I love the way you have styled your face, I can't really see any outfit. Good effort, and an interesting pose, just not quite what the task was about unfortunately.

bracken1234 = 7/10
 I like your take on this task. This is quite a different approach to the styling and I think it almost works, but not quite. I think having that jaket and long skirt together is a bit too much. If you have gone down a bohemian route with the long skirt or maybe used a short skirt/trousers with the jacket either would have worked, but to me this combination just doesn't quite work. Sorry, I like your hairstyle though and the natural face look. Good try, and almost there so well done :)

lali-nena-nen4e = 7/10
To me, for an everyday casual outfit I think this is a little too styled. The theme was natural beauty and understated elegance, but to me, while this is a good outfit, it doesn't quite fit the task. I think if you hadn't used the leg warmers or tights then the skirt and top combo would have been great, but the darkness of those items makes this outfit too overpowering for a casual look in my opinion. Great for the evening though! Overall well done, I really like parts of this entry, but I think it just needs a few changes.

HattyLOL = 6.5/10
Ok, so I can definately see that you understood the casual and everyday element to this task. However I think you have taken it a little too far. To me I instantly think about a sports kit when I see this outfit. The elegance and style seem to be lacking here. I think if this hadn't had the socks and shoes but had heels and a bag and maybe a jacket to balence it out this would have been a strong entry, but to me this is a little too casual for a model look. In contrast I think the eye makeup is too heavy for the theme. Sorry, good effort though and if this was a stylish sports outfit this would be awesome! :)

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  1. Thankyou for your advice Sophie x I just thought we had to be Casual.