Saturday, 10 December 2011

Club Covergirl Round 3

Hello everyone,

Firstly I am so sorry its so late, I had this is drafts for a week but I just hadn't had time to post it, so I am very sorry for that.

So here is a list of everyone still in the competition:

(For the colour codes please see the last post.)

Right so this week the task is all about knowing what suits you and how to look your best. As a covergirl/model you need to know how to dress and style yourself so you always look at your best. However it's important to be as natural as possible - stylists on the photoshoots can style you will lots of makeup, but in everyday life you need to be able to look your best in a natural way.

So, the task is to style your medoll in the look that best suits you. However, it needs to be natural ie not loads and loads of makeup or fashion shoot outfit - just dress as you would in an everyday situation if you were a model. A model needs to show a natural sense of style and sophistication and emphasise their beauty, but not hide it with too much makeup or too bold clothing.

>Style your medoll in a way that emphasises natural beauty.
>As a model you should only emphasise your beauty, not go over the top - try to dress in a way that shows your own style but that is also elegant and understated.
>You should post a link to your look on the club topic. You can use imgur or tinypic to do this. This would be the best way to show your look. If you don't know how to post links look on the tutorial tab of this blog, or the topic in the club.
You can use the starplazza for makeup and clothing if you want to and can take a print screen of the doll in the dressing room in its outfit then upload it to an image sharing site.

This is due by Wednesday 21st of December.

If you have trouble with this please contact me as soon as possible, however to be able to stay in the competition (esspecially if you have already missed a task) then you must complete it/contact me.

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