Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas Special R2 feedback

Just scroll down to find your entry to see your feedback. Results post will come soon!

freshhannah143 = 8/10
 I really like this! The make up is very pretty and not overdone, but definately has a festive feel to it. The outfit is good, although I'm not 100% sure about the jacket/cardigan, I like the red and white colours and the shoes are fab!

bracken1234 = 7/10
I like your take on the theme! The fairy idea is really sweet, and you definately show the theme! While I can see you were trying to create boots with the sleeves, I don't completely think they work. Nice idea though! I like the dress, and the hair is perfect but maybe not the hoop earings - I don't think they fit the fairy theme. But overall well done!

Twiilight.Freak = 8/10
Firstly I think your make up is gorgeous! Love the way you have applied it and added just enough so it doesn't look too heavy. Outfit wise it is definately to the theme with very fesitve colours. However, I think it needs something else added, maybe a different colour to break it up, or a bag/belt or a patten. To me it seems I little too blocked but I completely get that you were using the fesitve colours which is completely right for the theme and the is lovely! Overall great job!

LuvMeOrHateMe = 8/10
I really like this outfit. The creativity is great! Using the braces somehow brings it all together and it makes it look much better than if there were no braces. Well done for doing that :) I would have prefered it without the cat, even though its quite sweet, but overall I think this works, although maybe you could have been more fesitve with hair/makeup?

lali-nena-nen4e = 8/10
Ok, so the colours are definately to the theme of christmas. I really like your makeup - you have kept your own style but added some eye colours and blusher which looks really good and the hair colour is good, although I think it clashes a little with the bright red of the top. The outfit is good, but it does feel like it is lacking something because it is quite blocked. I understand though that you were just using the red and white colours, but maybe some gold or a different shade would have looked good? Overall well done, a good entry :) = 6/10
 So first this is definately festive! However to me it does seem a bit mismatched. The skirt, shirt and shoes all go together but the collar and hat seem to be out of place in both style and colour. I like you makeup, although I think the blusher is a bit too much and the colour doesn't really go with the accessories. Probably I would have added a waist belt and scarf maybe, or something similar. Also I think that skirt needs something underneath it to add layers. It does go with the theme though so good effort, well done!

CandyLilyMay =5/10
I like how you have only used a little make up and changed the mouth to fit the theme. The hair is very pretty as well. However, I'm not sure I see the christmas theme in the outfit. For me the colours aren't christmasy, but maybe you are going down the snow flake route? I'm not sure but I don't think it shows the theme fully I'm afraid. But I really like your hair and makeup styling!

littlestarPosh =9/10
First I really like the originality! The hair and makeup is pretty and fun and the dress is very creative! I really like your take on this theme and it is definately festive! Maybe it could have been a little more stylish, but it is really fun and almost looks like a Mrs Christmas look! Really good job!!

tess6262 =6/10
Ok, well I can see links to the christmas theme, however for me the outfit looks more like a school uniform than a christmas outfit unfortunately. I think if it had had a red belt or maybe a scraf then it would have had the strong link though. Your makeup is very pretty though, and just right! So well done!

nadia478 =10/10
Ok, I think this is really great! It is all about christmas - the theme is tottally there and the outfit looks really pretty! Your make up is really good too, it keeps the theme, looks fun and stylish. Overall I don't have much else to say except really good job! Well done :)

MeDollie =9/10
So, first I definately see the christmas theme. The outfit is quite stylish and I like the way you have used the broaches to create the belt and the bows on the bottom of the skirt. Really great creativity! I'm not sure about the boots and tights though - they don't quite go with the rest of the outfit. However the makeup is really pretty and festive so well done!

HattyLOL =7/10
This is definately in the theme - I can see the christmas link so well done for that. I like how you added the bows and the way you have styled it with the belt and gloves. But, for me I think it needs something else, maybe an underskirt because for me that skirt needs something else with it. Also it would have been good if your makeup had been more festive. But good job - it definately fits the theme so well done!

tinkerbell_279 = 7/10
Ok, I can see the christmas links here so well done. I like the earings and makeup, however I think the outfit could have been a bit more christmasy. I like the santa hat and the wintery look, but maybe some festive legings and wintery boots would have been better. however good effort and I can see the links so well done :)

MissDanka1975 = 8/10
Ok, so I like this outfit. It is very couture like and the skirt reminds me of the snow queen but then the pink and red colours make it jolly. The layering is a great effect and I really like the hair piece. I think some makeup would have been good - maybe a red lipstick and some blusher (which you can add in the starplazza dressing room) to give it a fully finished look. But I love how stylish this is so well done!! A good entry :)

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