Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas Special Round 2.

Right, first just a reminder to all those who did not complete the last task - you must complete this task and/or contact me if there are issues. If you know that you will not be able to complete any of the tasks because real life is very busy etc, then please contact me saying so.

Ok, so for your second task you need to create a christmas themed outfit. Now you could interpret this is many ways. Maybe you go for christmas colours/patterns, or dress as a stylish christmas character, or use christmas decor items to create a stylish outfit. Its up to you, you can take this theme however you want, but the essential part is that your outfit has to be stylish! This competition is for the title of Miss Christmas so you need to embrace the christmas spirt but in a very stylish and fashionable way!

You can either save your outfit to your doll and keep it there untill I have posted the results, or take a photo or post in your album (as long as the image is clear) or present it in a scenery (no pose required!) or you can post a link to a tinypic or imgur image. However you choose to save it you need to say in the topic comments so i can find it!

>Create a stylish christmas themed outfit for your medoll (including hair and makup)
>You can use starplazza and do a printscreen of both clothes and makeup
>Save the outfit however you want, provided I can clearly see both the outfit and makeup/hair

Due date: Thurday 22nd December

Ok, so I know the due date is only a few days away bit because the first round has been delayed and this is a christmas competition I would like to be able to anounce the winner shortly after christmas (and there are 5 rounds). However if there are huge issues with this due date please let me know ASAP!

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