Friday, 30 December 2011

Club Covergirl Task 4!

Ok, so it is now Round 4 so this task is going to be more challenging.

Just so everyone is clear here is a list of the girls still in this competition:

Right so previous tasks have been all about developing skills. They have included being able to style your medoll, creating poses for a theme and doing cover photoshoots.

This round will have two parts to it; a theme given to the whole group and then individual themes from which you have to make a scenery with a complex pose and appropriate styling. This round will push you all, but will hopefully challenge you to help you improve your skills to take them to the next level.

This is for everyone to complete, and MUST be labled CG R4 P1 so that it is clear!

> Create a scenery in the club
> Theme  = Beach
> Create an original and complex pose
> Use styling appropriate to the theme (change hair and makeup etc)
> MUST use your own medoll
> Make sure the background is in keeping with the theme (but remember its all about the pose so the background does not need to be complex - less is more!)
> Have a short description
> Have a link to a blog or tinypic/imgur image. (I know that some of you isn't allowed to do this so please contact me so we can work something out)


For this task you will all be assigned a theme. I want to see your individual creativity and as no one else will have your theme, you each have a chance to shine.

MissDanka1975 = Rock and Roll
tess6262 = Space
CandyLilyMay = Dance
nadia478 = Fairy tales
Twiilight.Freak = Sports/Athletics/Olympics
littlestarPosh = Devils and Angles
bracken1234  = Wild West
lali-nena-nen4e = Jungle
HattyLOL = Regency (think Jane Austen)

> Create a Scenery in the club using your theme
> Must have a complex pose appropriate to the theme
> If necessary gove yourself a storyline so that you are clear on your theme (this is not esential but may be helpful)
> Must use your own medoll
> Write a description
> Provide a link as before (again if you aren't allowed please contact me and if you have problems read the tutorial on the blog first but if there are still issues then contact me)

Remember: This is a FASHION photoshoot so even though the themes are very different, you need to create a fashion shoot out of your theme, with a great pose!

Ok, so those are the two tasks. I know that they are hard, and please contact me if you need to, but esspecially with part 2, really research and think about your theme. You need to understand it before you turn it into a scenery.

Due Date: Friday 6th January (but if you can't make that please contact me, I know there is a lot to do so it might be extendable)

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